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Booking information and Prices


The following applies to one-off private and corporate functions, special events, parties etc. With some information for nightclubs, restaurants and hotel entertainment.
The only difference really is that acts charge less for gigs booked by venue managers if it is to entertain their regular guests (not a function).
Especially if it is a residency (regular, recurring gig).

The fee for bands, duos, trios or solo artists varies enormously depending on the act, from £80.00 to several hundreds per musician. As an average think in terms of £150.00-£250.00 per musician (bands) or £150-£350 for a solo artist - but it can go much higher in the case of a sought after performer. This said, some very proficient and/or famous artists are still affordable - they like performing and know that more engagements will come if their fee is accessible.

Dance and jazz bands cost from £500 to £4000 for a 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 or 12 piece band. The cost for good, pro 5-6 piece dance bands varies from £1000-£1600+- and a 4-piece will charge from £800-£1150+-.
When they are in high demand you may find them between £1500 to £2000 for 5-6 piece. Such bands have something special that make them stand out from the rest; very often due to an exceptional lead singer. These acts usually have their 'own sound' with exceptional musicianship and professional attitude on and off stage. They are crowd pleasers. It is important for the client to understand that for a band to command a fee corresponding to £300 and above per musician they have to be extremely reliable and very well managed (the same thing, really). It is not possible to command such fees by delivering a fantastic performance once in a blue moon. These guys are always delivering a fantastic performance. I just mentioned 'very well managed'; this means that their overhead have to be covered and their accounts be in good order. When for example '£300 per musician' is quoted, a percentage goes toward management expenses. As said earlier some charge much more - some famous tribute bands command 5 figure fees. Remember that most acts request a participation towards traveling expenses if your event is held outside a certain distance from where they are based. If they are in London and you'd like them to perform in Bristol it will not cost much. But it will if you are in Scotland you may find a better idea to fly the band members over by plane and hire local sound, lighting and music equipment. Something that can be handled by the bandeader or his agent.

We request that unless it is impossible, a proper meal and drinks be provided for the artists by the client on the evening of performance, along with a changing room and secured parking space(s) whenever possible. We expect them to deliver high quality performances and this takes a lot of physical and emotional energy. No matter the level of professionalism of the act, they do better when they are well fed and a place to relax is available fo them.

The agent's commission is usually 15-20% on top of the act's fee. FSP Ent charges 20% with a minimum of £100. This is negotiable when it concerns high cost entertainment, especially big names. In cases where we have to do more than simply finding the right acts, securing the agreement between both parties and the transfer of fees, an additional 5-8% or a fixed amount is added. The client is of course informed at the beginning of the negotiations if such surcharge is applicable.

What does the price include?

It usually includes everything - details and special circumstances are specified below.

* Party/function bands usually play two hours of live music in 2-3 sets and additional sets if required are charged at £30-40.00 per musician per set. It varies + or - from band to band. Two hours is usually perfect for a private or corporate event. But depending on your schedule for the day you may need more, for example, at a wedding you may also desire music during the ceremony or during the cocktail reception. In such cases try to choose a band who can also play jazz, or has a pianist that can play classical music. It would be less expensive than hiring two different bands.
* The band's sound system and stage lighting ~ Unless you require specific stage effects and high tech lighting which they would need to hire or if the venue is unusually big
and in need of a much more powerful sound system.
* The musicians' fee.
* Traveling expenses if the distance is reasonable ~ usually less than 50 miles is considered as 'reasonable'. Most bands plays much further out; the traveling expenses are simply added to the fee.
* Most often, the bands now play CD compilations during the breaks or a professional DJ can be hired. For obvious reasons, we recommand a professional DJ when budget permits .


We will present you with a clear, simple and comprehensive contract to which you and the act will be bound from the moment it is mutually approved. A deposit of 30% will have to be forwarded to FSP Ent along with your signed copy, and the rest will be payable one week prior to the engagement or as agreed by special arrangements on the day of performance.

The contract is an agreement between the client and the act.

From the moment the contract is exchanged we let you deal directly with the act unless you ask us to continue to be your relay point.

The role of the agent:

The role of an agent is to find and propose the most appropriate and professional acts on one side, and to find good reliable customers on the other side. Once this has been achieved, it is the agents responsibility to settle the deal and secure it as soon as possible through a contract based on a sound financial agreement. 'As soon as possible' because good acts are in demand and particularly during the summer and festive seasons can be proposed several bookings on the same date, to the frustration of both the agent.. and the client.

What if a problem occurs?

Even though s/he is not bound by law to any consequence that could arise from a violation of the contract by the client or the act, a professional agent will always do his/her utmost to sort out problems to the best of his/her ability. Problems can arise such as the band having a road accident the day before the engagement, or the lead singer's voice being damaged for several weeks, etc. These things can happen and the band finds itself unable to perform. In such cases the agent will do everything in his/her power to find a replacement of similar quality. The respect of this moral obligation is crucial for the prosperity and longevity of his/her business.

None of our acts have ever failed to appear.

Some guys such as in Freespirit always deliver no matter what.
Their lead singer had a roller-skating accident during a three month residency abroad at a very exclusive venue. She tore 3 ligaments in her right ankle which resulted in her having to be plastered up to the knee for at least one month - with instructions to 'keep it still'. Well, that was the end of the gig one would think...

Not so.
The venue had spent $40.000 (forty thousand) promoting Freespirit nationwide and throughout the Middle East, including the in-flight magazine of the national airplane company, high society magazines as well as daily adverts on national TV!

On her immediate return from the hospital she paid a visit to the President of the company and said "I have good news and bad news" : I have a injured my ankle and have to wear a plaster from toe to knee... Good news: I don't need my foot to sing, my voice is intact so we'll be fine!'
For the two next months,complete with plastered leg, she sang and danced in front of the biggest fortunes in the world (including in front of the legendary James Brown for a whole night!), making Freespirit even more special than ever! Since 1995, this band has never failed to appear once at an engagement, and we are talking more than 1500 gigs in the UK and around the world.

We tend to work with this type of professionals.

Choosing your act:

The entertainment field does not cater for mediocrity..Good or bad, a bands' reputation will eventually precede it. Musicianship, showmanship, as well as a professional attitude on and off stage are musts in our profession. FSP Ent will always propose the best possible act(s) available in its books according to the client's budget and if necessary will try to negotiate the best possible fee.

Please do not heistate to ask us for advice.


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