How to choose a DJ or Disco for your party or event? Who is the right DJ?

Whether you are a venue with in-house DJ equipment or you are planning a private or corporate function and require a full Disco, we supply the best DJs and Discos in London and many parts of UK . We can fly one of them abroad or help you in hiring one locally.

You will find here a short selection of our artists DJs from different nationality and styles - from jazz to Latin (Brazilian, Cuban etc.), Bollywood and Bangra, Rai, African, reggae and all World music to underground club DJs playing house, garage, bashment, Hip Hop, R&B etc etc.

All our DJs are experienced professionals, most of them holding residencies at well known clubs in London, UK or abroad.

Tthis of course includes from basic to fully equipped Discos (incl. laser shows and high-end sound and lighting equipment) which can cater for audiences of less than a hundred to crowds of several thousands - indoor or outdoor.

We have Deejays and discos specialised in weddings and conventional functions playing 'all round' crowd pleasers which appeal to guests of all ages.

You can also book a package 'Band & DJ'.

Whether you would like to book one specific DJ or prefer to ask for advice on who to choose,do not hesitate to contact us for information and fees.

PS: We also book named DJs.

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