FSP Ent accepts submissions from talented artist, bands, visual acts and suppliers
from UK and abroad. If you would like us to consider adding you to our roster,
please do not send promo pack via mail.

Send instead Email with attachments to:
(see below)
(Maximum size for total attachment is 4MB)

Standard email should include
: (whatever is applicable)

If you do not have a web site:
1. Photo(s) of the act or supplies you offer
2. Biog/CV
3. List of past clients
4. Testimonies
5. Short music file (MP3, less than 1mb)

6. Expected Fees according to size and location.
7. Video clip(s) (less than 3MB)
8. Tell us as soon as your web site is online.

If you have a web site:
1. Link to your web site. And if you have one to an 'agent friendly' web site (without contact details)
2. Expected Fees according to size and location.
3. Areas you would travel to (we take bookings internationally)

Please note that it is difficult for us to book unless we have some good video clip(s) from your act.

Please be aware that we receive many submissions weekly and that we need a reasonable amount of time to listen to all of them. We cannot systematically reply to all the applicants.
This does not mean that your submission has not been accepted.
Please do not call as we are very busy dealing with clients' requests.
What is important is that we have your material at hand and we will contact you whenever appropriate.

Please make sure that you have a strong promo package and web site with video(s) to increase your chances of being taken onboard.

Thank you for your time.


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